Custom Maids Incorporated

2 Carlton Street 1508 Toronto ON M5B 1J3

WE SEND ONE CLEANING PERSON ONLY. We never send teams or crews of cleaners into your home. When you call to schedule your first visit, we will select a qualified cleaning person for your home. This first visit will serve as an opportunity for your Custom Maid to demonstrate the standard of excellence you can expect.

Then, once you are established and satisfied with a particular Custom Maid, we like to send that same cleaning person back to you each time; the cleaner has met you and is familiar with your home and your individual expectations.

Whether you use the service once a week or once a year, you will have your own cleaning person . . . someone you are comfortable with and who understands your needs.

At CUSTOM MAIDS, we devote more time and effort to recruiting experienced cleaning personnel than we do any other aspect of our business.

To us, the ideal candidate for employment is one who comes to us with years of prior cleaning experience and verifiable references. As a result, our staff is comprised largely of traditional cleaning ladies who have been in positions of trust for many years before joining our staff.

Notwithstanding the prior qualifications they may have, all new recruits are required to complete the CUSTOM MAIDS HOUSEKEEPER TRAINING PROGRAM, involving classroom and practical components. Those who successfully complete the training are added to our staff.

Once employed, our standards are maintained through an ongoing program of training.